Reasons To Choose The Pool Over The Hotel Fitness Center For A Workout


If you're active at home, you don't want to miss out on some form of daily activity when you travel for business. If you find yourself checking into lodging and are looking for some manner of physical activity at the end of the day or before your next day begins, you typically have the option of working out in the hotel's fitness center or taking a swim in the indoor pool. You might gravitate toward the former if you're used to visiting a gym near your home, but there are many reasons to think about choosing the latter option too. Here are some reasons that you might enjoy taking a swim.

You'll Often Find It Less Busy

If you stay in a hotel that targets business travelers, you'll often find the fitness center to be crowded. This is especially the case early in the morning and in the evening, as these are the only times that business travelers have free. The result is that you may have to wait for an exercise machine or share free weights with another hotel guest. However, you'll often find that the hotel's swimming pool isn't as busy. Given that many business travelers focus on the fitness center, the pool might be completely empty. This is especially the case late in the evening, just before the pool closes. This is ideal if you enjoy working out alone.

It May Help You Unwind More

For a business traveler looking to clear his or her mind at the hotel, a swimming workout can be better than a gym workout. In the latter environment, you might find yourself sneaking peeks at your phone and considering your upcoming meetings. However, doing so isn't as easy in a pool. If you're actually swimming laps, your body can get into a rhythm that is almost like a meditation. By the time you climb out of the water, you'll often realize that you didn't think about work once, and this might be exactly what you wanted to unwind.

It Offers A Full-Body Workout

During business travel, you might have limited time to work out. While walking on the treadmill and cycling on the stationary bike in the hotel fitness center are effective workouts, they don't involve the whole body to the same degree as swimming. If you're looking to get a cardiovascular workout that challenges your upper body as much as your lower body, swimming can be the answer. Just 20 or so minutes of vigorous swimming can leave you with a satisfied feeling.


29 August 2017

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