3 Questions To Ask Before Booking A Hotel Conference Room


Finding the right venue for your work event can take time and effort. Fortunately for you, hotel conference rooms are a good choice that offers several amenities. However, what is offered by the hotels differs and it is up to you to determine which one fits your company's needs. To help you do that, here are some questions to ask before booking a conference room.

What Type of Meeting Is It?

Before you start interviewing hotels for the event, you need to take the time to determine your company's needs. To start, you need to know the type of meeting and how the event presenters want to handle it. For instance, will there be displays throughout the room? If so, will attendees be expected to mill around the room or will seating be necessary at some point?

In addition to this, you need to know if audio and visual equipment is necessary. If so, make a list of the equipment that is needed throughout the conference. If the conference room will also be used for eating, you need to know if the hotel is able to provide catering. If not, you will need to plan to have it catered by an outside service.

How Accessible Is the Room?

Unless materials will be hurriedly distributed and setup in the minutes before the event starts, the event planners will need access to the room before it starts. For instance, the audio-visual technician will need access to the room so that he or she can setup and test the equipment before the conference begins.

Once you know what is needed to hold the event, you need to find out from the hotels how much time will be allowed for setup. You also need to know how much time is allowed after the event is over for packing up materials and equipment. Set a designated time for planners to access the room to avoid an issue with locked doors.

Is Internet Access Available?

Although most hotels have Internet access available for guests, it might not be public access that attendees to the conference can use. You could encounter hotels that charge an additional fee for access to the Internet. If that is so, you need to know the exact cause of the fee.

You also need to know how reliable the connection is. If the hotel does not have the bandwidth capable to support its guests and your event, you could run into slow loading times and other issues.


12 September 2017

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