How to Choose the Just-Right Number of Hotel Rooms for Your Family


How many hotel rooms do you need for your next family vacation? If you're not sure whether one room will do, take a look at the questions to consider before you book.

What Is the Hotel's Occupancy Rules?

Hotels and inns typically have room occupancy limits. This means you can't cram a dozen of your family members into a room meant for two. The specific occupancy limits depend on the hotel, the room size, and the number of beds.

If you have a large family, a suite or room with two queen beds may accommodate everyone. While a smaller-sized room is less expensive in most cases, overcrowding can pose a serious safety risk in the event of a fire or other emergency situation. If the hotel staff catches on to your plan, they may require you to book a second room or pay an added fee.

Are Roll-Away Beds an Option?

Each family member doesn't necessarily need their own queen-sized bed. A roll-away bed option allows you to add another person (typically a child) into your room without the cost of a larger suite. If a roll-away bed isn't an option, investigate other alternatives. Pull out couches and other sleeper sofas allow you to book a smaller room for your larger family.

How Many Adults Will Travel with You?

While roll-away beds are an ideal option for families with several children, they aren't necessarily the best choice for large groups of adult travelers. Your child may enjoy the novelty of the fold-out cot style bed, but grandma or grandpa probably won't appreciate the often-uncomfortable sleeping option.

A queen-sized bed typically fits two adults comfortably. Choose the room number based on the bed size, number of beds, and number adults. That means if you have two queen beds, you can fit four adults in your room (provided this meets the hotel or inn's occupancy limit standards).

How Much Time Will You Spend in the Room?

Is the room just a place to sleep or will you spend a significant amount of your vacation time relaxing in it? If you won't spend much time inside, you can get by with a smaller size or lower number of rooms.

How Much Baggage Will You Bring?

Extra people aren't the only space issue. If you have dozens of bags or other items (such as fishing equipment or pool toys), you may need a larger space or multiple rooms to accommodate everything your family needs to bring.

Several factors go into your booking decision. Review the hotel's occupancy limits, look into roll-away bed options, count the adults, and ask about baggage/extra items before you book hotel rooms for your next family getaway.


19 September 2019

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