Tips For Staying In A Cabin With No Electricity


The word "cabin" means different things to different people. To some, any small home in the woods is a cabin. To others, the word "cabin" refers specifically to an off-grid structure with no electricity or running water. Staying in the former is much like staying in any other type of home, but if you're staying in a true, off-grid cabin, you'll want to follow these tips for a better experience.

Bring Water

Without electricity, there may be no water since most well pumps operate via electricity. So make sure you pack plenty of water for your cabin stay. Packing one half-gallon per person per day for drinking is a good starting point. Bring along a few extra gallons for tasks like washing your hands. Even if you mostly use wet wipes to clean up, you'll want to rinse your hands with real water from time to time.

Bring An Extra Phone Battery

You may plan on completely disconnecting and turning off all technology while at the cabin. This can certainly make for a more enjoyable vacation. However, it is still wise to have at least one phone around in case of an emergency. Bring an extra battery just in case yours dies and you need to call for help. A portable battery charger that does not require electricity can also work.

Cook Meals Over a Fire

You'll get tired of pre-packaged, cold foods quickly. Luckily, there is an easy way to cook without electricity or a gas connection: fire. Make sure you pack or have access to firewood. Bring along items that are easy to store on ice and cook, such as hot dogs. You may also want to pack a metal grate. You can set it over the fire and cook almost anything on it.

Tell Plenty of People Where You Are

Even with a phone, communication can get dicey when you're staying at a cabin in the middle of nowhere. What if you drop the phone? As such, it's important to tell a few people exactly where you're going. Give them the address of the cabin if there is one, and show them on a map exactly where it is so there's no confusion. If the cabin does not have an address, give them the GPS coordinates. Tell them when you plan to return and who to contact if you do not return on time.

With the tips above, you can have a safe and enjoyable stay at an off-grid cabin.

For more information about staying in cabins, reach out to a cabin rental service.


19 May 2020

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