Room With A Vineyard View: 3 Extras To Offer When Operating A Luxury Hotel On A Vineyard


Vineyards are the perfect place to host nearly any event. From bachelorette parties to work retreats, a vineyard offers upscale optics while being a relaxing and serene space. For vineyards that wish to host guests overnight, a luxury hotel built on the property will draw many overnight visitors. Owners of vineyard hotels have a unique opportunity to offer services that other luxury hotels cannot provide. Here are three extras to offer guests at your luxury vineyard hotel. 

Moonlight vineyard tours

A vineyard is a beautiful place during the day. During the spring and summer months, you may have many groups of guests come and explore throughout the day. If you want to offer more closed, intimate tours, consider offering midnight vineyard tours. These tours can be offered specifically to guests of the hotel so that you can easily transport a small group to the vineyard. Set up a beautiful area with soft lighting and comfortable, intimate seating so that guests can enjoy a glass of wine or two after a late-night tour of the grounds. 

Offer hors d'oeuvres and wine evenings  

A part of owning a luxury hotel is being a step above your competition in the services that you offer to guests. One valuable offering that you can create that will increase the ambiance of your hotel is a wine and hors d'oeuvres business casual evening. This food and wine event is perfect for those who are trying to relax after a long day of touring or a long day of meetings. You can also add water and juice offerings for families who may want to attend the tasting evenings along with their kids. Have the hors d'oeuvres and drinks circulated around the room via waiters an

Creation of a wedding wine

Vineyards are popular places for proposals or calm bachelor/bachelorette evenings. If you notice that you have couples celebrating their engagement or groups hosting pre-wedding parties, offer custom wine-making services. Being able to have a special drink or a unique wine made for the most special day of your life is appealing to many couples. Allow the entire party to get in on the wine-making by doing a private tasting. You can offer special wedding wine packages as part of their hotel stay or as a stand-alone package for those who plan a winery vineyard tour for the day. 

For more information, or inspiration, turn to a winery vineyard near you.


29 August 2022

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